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Come right after sunset to eat at our test kitchen where we're always experimenting with new recipes and meeting awesome travelers from all around Popoyo. We are currently open on demand, so please reach out for any requests. Pizza, tacos, and BBQ sandwiches are our specialties. We brew homemade gingerbeer for a "Dark and Stormy" cocktail and cocoa bean infuse the local rum to serve it over a coffee ice cube for a dessert style nightcap.

First come, first served. Restaurant closes early.


Fill up before you head to the party at MagRock. We cook Nonna's dough recipe for a thicker pan-pizza style that's light, bubbly and crunchy. Some favorites are Classic Margherita and Pulled BBQ Beef.

$2 per slice​


Come by and hang out. We've got mouthwatering meat and/or veggie tacos both topped with pineapple cabbage slaw and jalapeno cream. 

$2 per taco  

Breakfast and more

Ask us!

We want you to feel at home. If you would like to include breakfast in your stay, please write to us. We also love an excuse to bake sweets. Meals can be prepared as long as there is advance notice.

Local places to eat:
There are several restaurants within walking distance. Enjoy internationally inspired menus or local Nicaraguan dishes.

Hope to see you soon!


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